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March 22, 2023
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Updated On: Feb 24, 2023

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Approves Central S

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Approves
Central States’ Application for Special Financial Assistance

We are pleased to inform you that, on December 8, 2022, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) announced that the Central States Pension Fund’s application for Special Financial Assistance (SFA) was approved in accordance with the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The PBGC has approved approximately $35 billion in SFA, which we expect to receive within the next 60 days.


tates’ Application for Special Financial Assistance

On December 8, 2022, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) announced that the Central States Pension Fund’s application for Special Financial Assistance (SFA) was approved in accordance with the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The PBGC has approved approximately $35.8 billion in SFA, which we expect to receive within the next 60 days.

This is just one of the many banners that proud Retired Teamsters from Wisconsin traveled with for years across America to ensure Teamsters and their Families were always at the forefront. 

Retention and Recruitment Issues causes Waste Management “Again” to Modify the Current Labor Agreement

Submitted By Local 200 Business Representative & Joint Council 39 Solid Waste Director Tom Benvenuto

Over the last seven months Waste Management had hoped that the earlier April changes to the current Labor Agreement would have solved their “Retention and Recruitment” issues, but they did not. So, in mid-November Waste Management reached back out to Local 200 to meet and discuss additional changes to the Labor Agreement that they felt might help fix their “Retention and Recruitment” issues.

The Company latest offer starts by moving next year wage increase up six months. The next change will add a large weekend premium to the members’ base rate before it combines with the time and one half for Saturday and the double time for Sunday. This extra weekend premium will apply for all weeks in which there is no holiday during that week, because then Saturday is part of the normal workweek. The Union was also able to add eight days more of paid time off for a new total of (33 days) for employees with 25 years or more. Also, we were able to increase time off for other employees by them getting more vacation time sooner, along with new employees based on their hire date in their first year with the company being able to earn up to one week of vacation.

The Company also proposed, and the Union agreed to add new language to the Labor Agreement for what we call “refresher school”.  By adding this new language to the Labor Agreement, it means that members would get an extra kick at the can for discipline as it relates to Accidents, Incidents and Injuries every 12 months. By taking this refresher class members will be able to remove one level of discipline.

The Company was also asking for a Saturday rotation so that new employees would not have to work every weekend. The Union said they would agree with the Company proposal under two points. One, being that anyone volunteering each weekend has first choice over anyone in the rotation for that week. Secondly, all employees of 15 or more years are excluded from the rotation schedule, unless everyone is working. The Company agreed to both of the Union demands.

Teamster Local 200 Waste Management group consists of hauling sites, landfills, container shop and transfer stations totaling almost 200 members. This latest offer was presented to the membership on December 4, 2022, and after all questions were answered, members voted over 95% to except the Company latest offer.

Joint Council 39 Solid Waste Director Tom Benvenuto says this is a good deal for the membership in Southeastern Wisconsin who work in the Waste Division. These last two offers by Waste Management have raised the area standards and allowed the Union to enhance the overall working conditions for its members. 

At a recent General Membership Meeting of Teamsters Local 200, Roundy’s Driver Union Steward Brian Griffin expressed his thoughts and concerns regarding Roundy’s Driver Larry Wilhite. Brother Wilhite suffered a personal medical emergency while on duty when making a delivery at a local Roundy’s store. Union Steward Griffin made a motion with the motion being seconded by all in attendance to “pass the hat” for Brother Wilhite, with the Executive Board announcement to match the collected donation by the membership. Recently, Business Representative Jay Couturier, Union Steward Brian Griffin, and Assistant Union Steward DeAngelo Thornton visited with Larry and shared the offering of the Members and the Local Union. The General Teamsters Local Union 200 Membership, Executive Board, Agents, Staff and especially the co-workers of Larry’s at Roundy’s wish him a speedy and full recovery.  



Teamster Brother James Harmeyer was presented a pin by Business Representative Jay Couturier that recognizes his 45th year as a member of General Teamsters Local Union No.200. Brother Harmeyer has worked his entire Teamster career at Roundy's and has been instrumental with his ability and strong character to show others the benefits of belonging to the Teamster Union. Thank you, Brother Harmeyer,  for your service and for all you do.



Juan Sanchez, pictured with LU200 Business Agent Jay Couturier, has decided to enjoy the life of retirement after 2 decades at Roundy's Supermarkets Inc. Juan has been a good friend, role model, and a source of building one's good work ethic for many, as the only job he chose in the rebid process during the 20 years was as a Selector.  His coworkers presented him with a trophy that states, "Numero Uno Selector"! 

Juan will stay active assisting his son in the world of sports collectibles and memorabilia in the Milwaukee area.

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, Business Agent Terry Simenson met with two separate LU200 Teamster Bargaining Units that perform services at Quality Carriers in Bristol, Wisconsin. Proposals were provided by the Teamster Mechanics from Quality Carriers and from Teamster Tank Washers that work under the Quala Tank Wash collective bargaining agreement. Both Teamster Units are very highly qualified in the field of services they perform in their industries.      



During this week of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Teamsters Local 200 recognizes Teamster Driver Kevin Manning. A seven-year Teamster member, Kevin drives for Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. serving the communities of Wisconsin.

General Teamsters Local Union No.200 would like to recognize Teamster Driver and Union Steward Brian Griffin from Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Thank you for all you do! #Teamsters #DriverAppreciationWeek2022

We thank Teamsters Local 200 Member and Union Steward Whyman Hassel of Yellow for moving America! Take a moment to recognize and thank a Teamster Brother and Sister for bringing it to you during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. #Teamsters 


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022 at Teamsters Local Union No.200 begins with Gerald “Bear” Brown, a 25-year Teamster and Union Steward at Sadoff Iron and Metal. 



Labor Fest 2022 was a powerful day where Organized Labor gathered in Milwaukee to showcase our commitment to our community, families, and friends. Teamsters Local 200 Brothers and Sisters stood together with a strong message of unity and solidarity with all Brothers and Sisters of Organized Labor.

President Biden, along with Secretary Walsh, spoke of the American Rescue Plan and the ongoing efforts of the restoration of earned Multiemployer Pensions of millions of workers across America. These comments energize Active and Retired Teamsters in attendance at Labor Fest.

On behalf of the Executive Board, Agents, and Staff, we thank everyone that came to Labor Fest this year.


As we gather to enjoy Monday, September 5, 2022, as Labor Day, let us recognize and honor the efforts of each Brother and Sister of Organized Labor. Our contributions shall continue to strengthen the lives of generations to come.

In Solidarity,

Executive Board

General Teamsters Local Union No. 200



Brothers and Sisters,

For nearly a decade, Teamsters Local 200 has stood in support with our Retirees of Central States Pension Fund working towards a positive solution for the preservation of the earned pensions of thousands. As this matter found us at our moment of need, the work continued with so many costs. Along the way, we found Pension Warriors that fought a courageous battle, and along the way, we lost several of these Pension Warriors as their will never surrendered, but their heart was not strong enough to finish what they had begun.

As our goals have not changed, the methods to seek the results for all changed from moment to moment. There are several individuals that were determined to work outside their personal comfort zones, and they were determined to prevail with a cost many will never fully know. There are individuals that have worked day and night, city to city, and state to state, and individual to individual. We gather our thoughts and appreciation toward those individuals that fought the battle and used their old-fashioned Teamster heritage when required of them.  

Recently, Teamsters Local 200 Retiree Kenny Stribling meet with President Joe Biden to offer his voice and speak the words of wisdom of so many to ensure that Actives and Retirees have dignity during their days of Retirement. Brother Stribling never stood alone in this movement as Retirees Bob Amsden, Bernie Anderson, and many others of Local 200 shared the same vision and passion of work ethics on behalf of CSPF Members across America.    

As the Application has been recently resubmitted to the PBGC by Central States Pension Fund, we stand firm awaiting the positive news that so many work tirelessly for on the behalf of people they will never personally know.  

Local 200 is proud to announce that we have signed a new gravel hauling company under the Teamster Union banner. Blume Trucking out of Brighton, WI has signed a Three Year Labor Agreement to become Local 200 Teamsters. We continue to look forward to adding more companies like Blume Trucking in the future. This new Agreement covers Wage, Healthcare, Vacation and Retirement benefits for our new members.


Business Representative Gary Shearier meets with long-term union steward Tim Domagalski from GFL to receive out standing member applications.

Please read this very important information from Central States Pension Fund. 

Central States Pension Fund Has Withdrawn and
Resubmitted Application for Special Financial Assistance

In April, we informed participants that Central States Pension Fund submitted an application to the federal government for Special Financial Assistance (SFA) under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA).

At the time we submitted our application, we understood it was possible that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) would direct the Fund to withdraw it and resubmit a revised version. As we previously notified participants, it is not unusual for this to occur as most pension funds that submitted an SFA application have found it necessary to withdraw and resubmit.

In response to guidance from the PBGC and to take advantage of favorable provisions of the PBGC’s “Final Rule” concerning SFA, we withdrew our original SFA application and submitted a revised version on August 12.

The revised application applies PBGC-requested changes to certain assumptions. The revisions also apply favorable provisions contained in the PBGC’s final rule concerning the SFA program, which became effective on August 8. 

As a result of these combined changes, the amount of SFA requested by Central States in the revised application is one-half of one percent (0.5%) lower than the amount requested in the original application.

The SFA is expected to allow Central States to remain solvent and continue paying all benefits through at least 2051, and likely longer.


The PBGC has up to 120 days to review the revised application (by December 10), but it is possible the PBGC will render its decision sooner than that. Based on the PBGC’s extensive review of Central States’ application to date, as well as the average time for the PBGC to approve and deliver payment on prior revised applications, we would expect to receive the approved special financial assistance in one lump sum before the end of 2022.  

After submitting our original SFA application in April, we had anticipated receiving PBGC approval by August and payment by November. As is provided for in their rules, the PBGC will reimburse the Fund with interest payments so that the delay caused by refiling will not have a material impact on the financial health of the Fund.

We will provide updates about important developments with the SFA application via this website, email and on our recorded message hotline at 800-323-7640. Click here to register for email updates.


Pictured is second generation Local 200 member Jeremy Thomas, his father Davis is a Local 200 retiree who was employed at Waste Management. Jeremy proudly works as a gripper operator for Kemps Dairy in Cedarburg, he and the other Teamsters at Kemps take pride in producing the best milk in Wisconsin and worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure milk was available. Support Kemps Teamsters by purchasing their product from Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Woodmans, and other Teamster related stores throughout Wisconsin.           


Pictured from left to right are Local 200 Members Jesse Thao and Terri Thomas. Jesse and Terri work for Bimbo Bakeries at the Oshkosh depot as Loader / Checkers. Support Bimbo Bakery Teamsters by purchasing their product from your grocery store!   


Phil Wingo Jr., a longtime Local 200 member, stopped by the office to meet with Business Representative Tom Benvenuto. Phil has been a heavy-duty truck mechanic at Waste Management since 2004.



On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Retirees of the 200 and 344 Retiree Club enjoyed a sunny afternoon during their annual Summer Picnic event in New Berlin, Wisconsin. For many, it was a time to see old friends, share stories about events from years ago, and greet new Retirees to the Club. 

Retirees are crucial to the Teamsters Union and their ability to be a voice for Union Families and Union issues remain a powerful force. Thank you for all you have done and what you continue to do.






On May 28, 1935, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters granted a Local Union Charter to Teamsters Local 200 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As our Local Union celebrates 87 years of existence on Saturday, May 28, 2022, we honor those that formed this Local Charter and recognize those who carry forward that legacy each day. 

The Members are the strength of General Teamsters Local Union No. 200.

In Solidarity,

Executive Board, Agents, and Staff




On Workers Memorial Day, we pause for a moment of silence as we remember the 44 Wisconsinites who didn't return home at the end of their shift in 2021.





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